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CIMT2021 17th China International Machine Tool Show 未标题-3
CIMT小标Kairda will exhibit in ” CIMT2021 – 17th China International Machine Tool Show “We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit.


Non Destructive Testing Instrument 

Suitable for shop floor, laboratory, for assessing wear and damage, quality control. convenient for mobile measurement.

measuring surface roughness, determination of material hardness, measuring thickness: surface roughness tester,hardness tester, ultrasonic thickness gauge, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector…


◆Exhibition      CIMT2021 - 17th China International Machine Tool Show

◆Date             From April 12 to April 17, 2021
◆Venue           E6-B203, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing, China
Many our highlight products will be on display. Welcome to visit!

KR220 hand-held roughness tester

roughness tester gray 2

  1.  a high-precision surface roughness measuring instrument, measure up to 22 roughness parameters: Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt,Rp,Rv,R3z,R3y,RzJIS,Rsk,Rku,Rsm,Rs,RPc,Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Ry Mr1,Mr2
  2. It can measure the surface roughness of a variety of machined parts. With multiple optional sensors, it  measures the roughness of complex surfaces such as curved surfaces, small holes, grooves, and deep grooves.
  3.  KR220 hand-held roughness tester can read roughness in μm or
  4. Micro inch. the selected parameters can be output on the printer. It can also communicate with a PC, and obtain richer test result analysis and test report processing through PC software.
  5. KR220 handheld roughness tester has large-capacity memory: 100 groups of original data and waveform.

2021 new design surface roughness tester with built in printer

roughness tester with printer-800



KH530 Color display Leeb Hardness Tester

hardness tester 1

7 scales of hardness(HS, Hl, HB, HRC/HRB/HRA/HV)

Testing hardness of Steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, copper zinc alloys (brass), copper and tin alloy, copper (bronze), forged steel


Measuring Range HLD(170~960), HRC(17.9~69.5), HB(19~683), HV(80~1042), HS(30.6~102.6), HRA(59.1~88),




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