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1. Before wearing face mask, better wash your hands.

2. Make sure the outer layer wearing in outside which is the colored side or can seen from the print letter.

3. The mask must cover the nose, chin, and mouth  and rope hanging on the ear with two hands, adjust the nose clip of mask.

4. Avoid touching outer layer is important.  

5. When taking off the mask, take off one side of the ear rope or plastic ring (left or right), then the other side.

Non sempre le nuvole offuscano il cielo: a volte lo illuminano

Manufacturer of Surface Roughness Tester  

Portable Hardness Tester Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, coating thickness gauge.

Surface roughness tester introduction

KR310 high performance roughness meter, using dot matrix color LCD touch screen, more convenient to control and display, resolution up to 480×320, can display the full section roughness curve.  the vertical volume is 320 μm, the increased range is advantageous to the measurement of concave and convex surface. The roughness curve measurement is more realistic and the calculation of each parameter is more accurate.  The Homepage of this surface roughness tester displays the position of the stylus for easy adjustment; Powerful PC computer software processing function can realize more in-depth test results analysis and test report processing. Micro USB Port, can be used to connect PC with mobile phone micro USB cable when the cable is with charging and communication functions. The standard package include this cable.  This surface roughness instrument is capable to wireless Connect with kairda printer, it can print parameters, contour graph, bearing rate curve and amplitude distribution curve. 

This surface roughness tester adopt host and driver split design, but also the drive unit can stored in the main unit, there are 2 cable, the short and the long.  Provide free mobile app, is capable to check data on mobile, and start measure it by using the mobile. 

Post time: Jun-12-2020