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Portable Ultrosonic Flaw Detector KUT680

This Portable Ultrosonic Flaw Detector KUT680 is a portable industrial digital ultrasonic flaw detector that can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (cracks, inclusions, pores, etc.) . it is quick  convenient accurate and without damage, this flaw detector can be used both in the laboratory and on the engineering site.  in manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing, chemical industry and other fields that require defect detection and quality control. It is also widely used in online safety inspection and Life assessment in the fields of aerospace, railway transportation, boilers and pressure vessels, etc.

This KUT680 is widely used in locating and sizing hidden cracks, voids, disbands, and similar discontinuities in welds, forgings, billets, axles, shafts, tanks and pressure vessels, turbines, and structural components.

Features of the Instrument

The ultrosinic Flaw detector KUT680,  The core hardware is designed with ARM+FPGA, and the software uses a highly reliable multitasking operating system, which greatly improves the function, portability, durability and reliability of the instrument.

Kut 680 uses a master-slave menu, and is designed with shortcut keys and a digital rotary knob.The instrument is light and portable, and can be held with one hand.



Up to 15000mm in steel; range selectable in fixed steps or continuously variable. Suitable for use on large work pieces and in high-resolution measurements.


Pulse Energy selectable among 100V,200V, 250V,300V,350V, 400V and 500V.

Pulse Width tunable from 0.1µs to 0.5 µs to match the probes with different frequency.

Pulse Repetition Frequency adjustable from 20 Hz to 2 KHz.

Damping selectable among 50Ω、150Ω、250Ω and 500Ω for optimum probe performance

Probe selection: single crystal probe, dual crystal probe, special angle probe, penetrating probe, climbing probe.


Sampling16 digit AD Converter at the sampling speed of 320 MHz

RectificationPositive Halfwave, Negative Halfwave, Fullwave and RF

Bandwidth: 0.2MHz to 20MHz capability with selectable frequency ranges (automatically set by the instrument) to match probe for optimum performance.

Gain0 dB to 110 dB adjustable in selectable steps 0.1 dB, 2 dB, 6 dB

Post time: Aug-02-2022